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The Tnuva Story


For nearly 80 years, Tnuva has provided consumers in the Holy Land with a wide variety of premium dairy and cheese products that are made with the freshest ingredients. Today, Tnuva is a billion dollar food conglomerate that is playing an integral role in the global food economy by offering a wide variety of quality products to millions of consumers in the Middle East, Europe and the USA.



Tnuva's Mediterranean-style cheese and dairy products are produced in cutting-edge  dairy production facilities located amidst pastoral Galilean hills and valleys. Tnuva's popular line of cheeses known as Emek, is derived from the Hebrew word for 'valley.'



The distinctive blue, red, green and white company logo has become a magnet for consumers in Israel and the USA who demand quality and quantity. In order to cultivate the changing dietary demands of sophisticated consumers on both sides of the ocean, Tnuva prides itself on producing a large number of innovative low-calorie and low-fat products that taste great and are easy on the waist. Tnuva relishes the challenge of offering consumers a unique shopping experience, as well as providing unique culinary tips to amateur and professional chefs.


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